Timeshare law is complicated and is often confusing to navigate. We understand that you may have questions … we’ve got answers.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation Service

How Does a Timeshare Contract Work?

Timeshares offer the amenities of a resort, but it’s crucial to understand the commitment involved.

When you purchase a week or more of time in someone else’s vacation home, condo, or hotel room, you gain the flexibility to use the property throughout the year, often with discounts for repeated stays.

Despite the purchase, you don’t acquire ownership of the property; instead, you secure access for specific times, officially becoming a timeshare owner.

For those seeking an exit from their timeshare contracts, options include requesting cancellation from the timeshare company, selling the timeshare, donating it to a charity, or renting it out.

Our team can provide guidance on these options and assist you in gaining freedom from an unwanted timeshare.

What’s the Cost?

The expense associated with timeshare cancellation varies based on the time and effort required for your specific case. Consult with one of our advisors for a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated with your individual situation.

Benefits of Opting for Timeshare Cancellation Services

Engaging a timeshare cancellation company can be a prudent choice when seeking relief from the complexities and challenges associated with timeshare ownership.

These companies specialize in navigating the intricate processes involved in canceling timeshare contracts, which often include legal intricacies and stringent contractual obligations.

Individuals may turn to these services to secure professional assistance in negotiating with resorts, understanding complex terms, and exploring potential exit strategies.

A timeshare cancellation company can provide expertise and support, helping clients navigate the often overwhelming landscape of timeshare agreements, ultimately aiming to relieve them from financial and contractual burdens tied to their timeshare commitments.

Types of Timeshare Contracts


This agreement signifies that you are renting the utilization of a particular property without acquiring any ownership stake in the deed. Shared lease agreements come with a predetermined time frame, concluding when the lease expires.


Under this agreement, you are afforded the privilege of owning the property deed. As a timeshare contract, it entails shared ownership of the deed with multiple individuals. Generally, such contracts do not have an expiration date.

Additional Questions

The timeshare cancellation process is a complex one, and one that can be extremely difficult to navigate. You likely have many questions about this process and about RFA Cancellation. What follows are some of the most common questions we hear from current and prospective clients. However, we urge you to take advantage of the no-cost, no-obligation consultation that we offer. That way, one of our experienced specialists can answer your questions and provide personalized information that is relevant to your unique situation. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation.

How Can I Trust RFA Cancellation To Efficiently Handle My Timeshare Cancellation?

RFA Cancellation has a unique 100% client satisfaction guarantee, which means that if our team takes your case for a one-time fixed fee it will work on the case until it is resolved without asking you for any additional money.

What If My Timeshare Is Outside the US? Can RFA Cancellation Help me?

Yes! However, there are a few restrictions. We can help you if your timeshare is in Mexico and you have outstanding maintenance fees and Canadian membership/vacation clubs deeded outside of Canada.

What are my timeshare cancellation rights under Florida law?

Under Florida law, you can cancel a timeshare contract the day you receive all the contract documentation or up until midnight on the 10th calendar day after the execution date. The 10-day period is otherwise called a cooling-off period, and it gives the buyer the chance to reconsider the sale. It is against the law to close a timeshare before this period elapses. Also, none of the involved parties, neither the buyer nor the seller, can’t waive the cooling-off period on their own.

If the contracts cancellation period has passed, you may need help from a qualified timeshare consultant in Florida to help you navigate the cancellation process.

What is the timeframe to cancel a timeshare in California?

Under California law (CA Business & Professions Code), purchasers have the valuable right to cancel a timeshare contract within seven calendar days from the signing date. Moreover, in California, timeshare companies are required to obtain a comprehensive public report from the CA Department of Real Estate (DRE). This report provides essential details about the timeshare offer and includes a notice explaining the cancellation process. When presenting the report, the prospective buyer must sign a receipt, acknowledging that they have read and understood its contents. At RFA Cancellation, we understand the importance of these legal provisions and are here to assist you in exercising your rights and navigating the cancellation process effectively.

What is the time frame I can expect for the cancellation of my timeshare?

The majority of timeshare buyers have the right to rescind the contract within a specific period. U.S. states, as well as some foreign countries, typically have laws that make timeshare cancellation possible for at least a few days.

If the cancellation period has passed, it might be a good idea to reach out to a cancellation team with the necessary knowledge and experience in dealing with timeshare legal matters.

It can take as little as 3 months and as long as 36 months or more for the whole cancellation process to finish. But, it depends on which resort you are contracted with. Other factors include how many contracts you have, whether you have a mortgage or have already paid in full, and various other facts and circumstances that will influence the difficulty and time it takes to free you of your timeshare burden.

How much will the firm charge me?

Each timeshare cancellation case is unique. Many working hours go into careful preparation and aggressive negotiations, so without analyzing your particular situation and paperwork along with the facts and circumstances surrounding your potential case it would be unprofessional and irresponsible to quote a fee.

However, we have a one-time fixed fee affordable solution that in most cases will be a tiny fraction of what it will cost you to keep your timeshare. We are very competitively priced and typically cost even less than other firms or marketing companies.

What if I have a mortgage?

Timeshare ownership contracts with mortgages tend to make the process of terminating a client’s ownership responsibilities more difficult. It may be necessary to know whether the mortgage is secured by the timeshare our client owns, to who they owe the balance, and how much still has to be paid. However, we can absolutely accept cases that come with a mortgage.

Although selling a timeshare and using the proceeds to pay off the mortgage sounds like a perfect solution, it’s not that simple. It may be challenging to sell a timeshare with a mortgage. Also, the resort may have restrictions on sales. Check your contract and reach out to our team for advice if you don’t understand the terms.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help with Timeshare Cancellation?

Pursuing legal action with the help of an attorney is one way to approach timeshare cancellation. However, this isn’t the only option for most people. In fact, using an experienced timeshare cancellation service – like RFA Cancellation – provides several distinct advantages.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals of timeshare contract cancellation. In fact, that’s all we do. We have in-depth knowledge and experience, and we work tirelessly to help protect your legal rights. Once we accept your case, we won’t rest until you get a resolution.

How Do I Cancel a Timeshare?

The easiest way to accomplish this goal is to do so during the cooling-off period, sometimes called the recission period. This period is typically a few days in duration (the duration varies depending on your state laws), starting at the time of contract signing. Your contract should clearly spell out how you go about canceling during this period.

Once the recission period has expired, however, the process becomes significantly more complicated. Since no two cases are alike, it isn’t possible to describe the specific steps necessary without having the details of your situation. We suggest you contact us to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to discuss your unique circumstances.

How Do I Know If My Case Will Qualify?

RFA Cancellation has only a few stipulations that do not qualify for our services. Timeshare resorts that do not qualify for our services are Soleil Management, North Carolina properties, and North Carolina residents. Moreover, we cannot service cases with deficient judgments, active mediation, or active arbitration. If your case falls outside the restrictions above, we can more than likely take on your case! Please check with your case management specialist for more definitive guidance.

Is my presence in a courtroom required?

It is extremely rare that a client is required to appear in court.

What happens if I stop making my mortgage payment and/or maintenance fee payment?

Until evaluating the complete details of your case no one will recommend that you stop making mortgage or maintenance fee payments. If you stop paying your mortgage or maintenance fees, that can affect your credit, even if your timeshare is not in the United States.

However, once your case is reviewed by our team and we find substantial evidence that you have either been defrauded, misrepresentations have been made, contractual duties have been breached, or your consumer rights have been otherwise violated, the team may very well instruct you to cease making any type of payment to your resort developer while your contract is in dispute.

Can I still use my timeshare while I'm going through the cancellation process?

Typically, no. However, there are certain limited circumstances that may allow for such an arrangement. Speak to an exit consultant to get more details.

What if I've already tried to sell it with no success?

No problem! We can take your case as long as it has the required elements for us to properly and successfully represent you, even if you’ve tried to sell your timeshare in the past.

What is the process to get started?

If you want to start your timeshare cancellation process, follow these simple steps:

  1. Speak to an Exit Consultant to get pertinent information on the process, the price, and disclosures
  2. Sign a fee agreement so that we may represent you.
  3. Work with our Client Services Department to turn in all of your paperwork
  4. Have a meeting with the team handling your case

Note: The above steps can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Do you accept cases involving timeshare resort developers outside of the United States?

Although most of our clients own timeshares in the United States and most of our work in canceling timeshare resort contracts is done with US based timeshare developers, we are also specialists in resorts located in Mexico and the Caribbean. 

How Do Timeshare Cancellation Companies Work?

We have worked hard to streamline our processes and procedures, making the timeshare cancellation process as simple as possible for you. RFA Cancellation begins the process with a free consultation, which allows you to tell your story and get answers to your questions. We assess and evaluate your case and your documentation, to determine whether we can reasonably assist you in achieving your goals.

If we mutually agree to move forward, you will have a team of experts working on your case. Your Client Services Manager will be there for you at all times, standing ready to answer questions and providing you with updates regarding the status of your case. We carefully craft our strategies to best meet your needs and help you achieve your goal of timeshare cancellation.

We encourage you to reach out today to schedule your own personalized consultation, so that we can explain more in detail about what’s involved in canceling a timeshare contract. We look forward to assisting you.


I had a timeshare for around 3 years and wasn’t able to travel anymore due to health reasons. I called the resort and they didn’t let me out and even tried selling me points. I told them I couldn’t travel no more and they did not care. I found out about RFA Cancellation and then called them. I talked to a gal name *****. She helped me do all the paperwork to get going. Then another young lady called and I sent them some information about my timeshare. The process took me a couple hours to do all the things they asked of me. It all worked though and I don’t own a timeshare. They had a lawyer who did the whole thing and that lawyer must have been good because the timeshare company actually apologized to me. One time the owner of RFA called me just to ask how I was doing. I just really feel like this company cared about me so I thought I would write them a nice review. I don’t know if anyone reads this but I wanted to share my story in case it will help someone else. I’m a retired schoolteacher and my husband worked at the port for 30 some years. We’re just regular people who got suckered into a timeshare and this company got us out of the mess.

Mavis S


They cancelled my timeshare in about 60 days. ***** was the person who helped me through the process and she is just a sweetheart. She always answered the phone when I called and they kept me in the loop the whole time when this was going on. ***** walked me through all of the documents I needed to sign and she was very thorough in explaining each and every item. I really feel like RFA cares about me personally and I’ve never experienced that with any other company, certainly not the folks who sold me my timeshare to begin with.I feel comfortable recommending RFA to anyone who wants to cancel their timeshare.

Pete S


Great. Loved the customer service everyone was super helpful. definitely had to give them 5 stars

Penelope R


All I have to say is wow! It was such a wonderful and easy experience with RFA, coming from someone who knew nothing about how to get out of a time share. They aided my husband and I with a smile on their face and made the experience **************. The customer service was amazing and truthfully I have nothing but great things to say! I highly recommend this business to anyone who wants out of a time share but doesnt know where to start!

Vera E


I bought a timeshare in 2015, and it purchased based on lies. I attempted to get out of his timeshare numerous times, but no one would help. Im so grateful to have found RFA, I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. I was treated with so much compassion and empathy to my situation and met with such great service. Im not one to write reviews but I would highly recommend RFA.

Vanessa B


Thank you to RFA Cancellation for getting me out of my Marriott timeshare. Ive owned this timeshare for over 20 years and havent used it in the past 10. The maintenance fees kept rising and paying the fees became difficult because I am on a fixed income. My case manager walked me through the process and it took about 10 months, but they were able to get me out of my timeshare. I am grateful for RFA and their team. I highly recommend them.

Rose R


My in-laws had a timeshare that was no longer serving their needs. They proposed my wife and I take it over, but it just wasn’t for us. Fortunately we started with RFA and we put the matter to rest before there could be any drama. Were so happy to have just gone down the easier path. Thank you everyone at RFA.

Erik O

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