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What Our Happy Clients Say

I had a great experience with RFA Cancellation. They were professional, answered all our questions, and guided us through a stressful time. I would them recommend to anyone dealing with timeshare issues.

Old couple

John A

I’m very happy with the service I received from RFA. I tried all sorts of ways to cancel my timeshare. I even tried to sell it for $1 on ***** Ultimately, I hired RFA Cancellation and they actually did what they said they would do. The process took a few months. I would recommend RFA to anyone who doesn’t want to keep their timeshare anymore and wants to have a service get them out.

Karen H

RFA was a lifesaver. They were professional and responsive to all of our questions throughout the process and even was able to cancel our timeshare! I’d recommend RFA to ANYONE dealing with this type of issue. These guys are legit!

Dan S

Dealing with my timeshare was becoming a nightmare, especially with retirement around the corner. I found RFA Cancellation and they were a breath of fresh air. They handled everything and kept me in the loop. Now I’m free of those crazy fees. Highly recommend their services.

Alphonse V

If there was a way to put more than 5 stars I would. RFA Cancellation was reliable, fast, and easy to work with.

Lucas A

I wanted to come leave a 5 star review for RFA Cancellation because the service they provided to me was nothing short of amazing. They assisted with cancelling my timeshare and then got me back some of the money I paid. The whole experience was a positive.I particularly want to thank ***** who was my exit specialist. Great job!

Theresa K

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I had a timeshare for around 3 years and wasn’t able to travel anymore due to health reasons. I called the resort and they didn’t let me out and even tried selling me points. I told them I couldn’t travel no more and they did not care. I found out about RFA Cancellation and then called them. Sarah helped me do all the paperwork to get going. Then another young lady called and I sent them some information about my timeshare. The process took me a couple hours to do all the things they asked of me. It all worked though and I don’t own a timeshare. They had a lawyer who did the whole thing and that lawyer must have been good because the timeshare company actually apologized to me. One time the owner of RFA called me just to ask how I was doing. I just really feel like this company cared about me so I thought I would write them a nice review. I don’t know if anyone reads this but I wanted to share my story in case it will help someone else. I’m a retired schoolteacher and my husband worked at the port for 30 some years. We’re just regular people who got suckered into a timeshare and this company got us out of the mess.

Mavis S


They cancelled my timeshare in about 60 days. Lynn was the person who helped me through the process and she is just a sweetheart. She always answered the phone when I called and they kept me in the loop the whole time when this was going on. She walked me through all of the documents I needed to sign and she was very thorough in explaining each and every item. I really feel like RFA cares about me personally and I’ve never experienced that with any other company, certainly not the folks who sold me my timeshare to begin with.I feel comfortable recommending RFA to anyone who wants to cancel their timeshare.

Pete S


Great! Loved the customer service everyone was super helpful. Definitely had to give them 5 stars.

Penelope R


All I have to say is wow! It was such a wonderful and easy experience with RFA, coming from someone who knew nothing about how to get out of a time share. They aided my husband and I with a smile on their face and made the experience easy. The customer service was amazing and truthfully I have nothing but great things to say! I highly recommend this business to anyone who wants out of a time share but doesnt know where to start!

Vera E


I bought a timeshare in 2015, and it purchased based on lies. I attempted to get out of his timeshare numerous times, but no one would help. Im so grateful to have found RFA, I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. I was treated with so much compassion and empathy to my situation and met with such great service. Im not one to write reviews but I would highly recommend RFA.

Vanessa B


Thank you to RFA Cancellation for getting me out of my Marriott timeshare. Ive owned this timeshare for over 20 years and havent used it in the past 10. The maintenance fees kept rising and paying the fees became difficult because I am on a fixed income. My case manager walked me through the process and it took about 10 months, but they were able to get me out of my timeshare. I am grateful for RFA and their team. I highly recommend them.

Rose R


My in-laws had a timeshare that was no longer serving their needs. They proposed my wife and I take it over, but it just wasn’t for us. Fortunately we started with RFA and we put the matter to rest before there could be any drama. Were so happy to have just gone down the easier path. Thank you everyone at RFA.

Erik O

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