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We Can Help You Cancel Your Timeshare

The narrative pushed by timeshare resorts regarding contract cancellation suggests that they wield absolute power, but that’s not true.

Our experienced team help people cancel their unwanted timeshare contracts every day, and we want to help you too.


Timeshare Cancellation Services

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of an exotic locale, and find yourself agreeing to purchase a timeshare. But, once you are no longer immersed in that dream vacation scenario, reality sets in. Once you realize that you have made a commitment that you aren’t ready or willing to uphold, you wonder whether you can find a way out.

A timeshare lawyer is the pinnacle of legal expertise, focusing on securing consumers contract relief and alleviating financial obligations. Partnering with RFA Cancellation offers the perfect blend of business acumen, financial insight, and tailored legal solutions from our resident lead attorney and their team.

Don’t get stuck paying for a timeshare you don’t want or won’t use. RFA Cancellation can help you cancel your timeshare contract with minimal time, hassle and cost.

How to Cancel Your Timeshare Contract


You might have tried to handle cancellation of your timeshare contract on your own. If so, you were likely met with a variety of obstacles. This is a potentially complex process that, if not done correctly, can leave you with financial obligations you could otherwise avoid.

Although most timeshares provide a brief period of time (typically three to five days from the date of purchase) during which you can voluntarily cancel your contract, many people are not aware of this loophole. Once that period expires, the company might lead you to believe that you have no other avenue available for cancellation.

A timeshare cancellation company – like RFA Cancellations – has the in-depth knowledge and capability to get the job done for you.

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3 Easy Steps to Contract Cancellation


We Review Your Case

Our dedicated team of onboarding specialists play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and comprehensive onboarding process. One key aspect of their responsibilities involves the meticulous review of all documentation provided to our team.


Send a case proposal

Upon taking your case, our priority is to achieve success on your behalf. As a result, we provide a cost-effective, one-time fixed fee, coupled with our steadfast commitment to guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction.




open your case

Our onboarding process is easy. After signing your one-time fee agreement, your specialist will begin working with you on your case. They will make a point to thoroughly review all your case documents and answer any questions you may have. After this, you’re well on your way to freeing yourself from your timeshare contract.

RFA Cancellation’s In House Counsel Spencer Coons

Spencer Coons has joined our team as an In House Counsel. Spencer has been an attorney assisting clients in a variety of legal matters for the past ten years. Spencer earned his Bachelor’s in History from Brigham Young University and has been a lifelong BYU fan. Spencer earned his Juris Doctorate and his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Tulsa and has been a trusted advisor to many businesses as he is able to understand the legal and business factors that go into a decision, and help the business choose the right path for them.  Spencer thoroughly enjoys reviewing, negotiating, and revising contracts  Spencer loves to help clients navigate the best path for them to resolve their issues.

Why Choose RFA Cancellation?

Unlike other timeshare cancellation firms that lack a substantial profile, or possess a thin one at best, RFA Cancellation stands out. Moreover, numerous leading companies suffer from subpar ratings or complete loss of accreditation.

You can trust the RFA Cancellation team to expertly navigate your timeshare cancellation journey.



What Our Happy Clients Say

The customer service rep – Sandra – made the process easy. She explained the process well and was pleasant and friendly throughout the phone call.

John F

We are very early in the process but the initial call was fast, easy and chock full of information. They do not promise magic results but provide a clear process to understand the options to exit the legal death trap called a timeshare. The Onboarding Specialist I worked with was extremely helpful.

Kimberly A

They listen to the whole family story and doesn’t judge because of things that happen.

Susan & Terry F

I had the wonderful experience speaking with the representative. She was so kind and friendly. She explained everything to me in a way I could understand during a stressful situation. She went above and beyond. She saved us thousands of dollars. It ends up I don’t have to pay back Thousands of dollars. She found me all my in’s and out’s. It was not your normal stressful call where you get put on hold over and over again. It was quick and simple. Thank you.

Amy K

We got out of our timeshare with this company and my sister is going to get out of hers next now. I dont usually write reviews but I would recommend them for sure.

Brooke T

RFA Cancellation’s team know their stuff! I was lucky enough to come upon RFA Cancellation to help me get out of my timeshare. After a lot of hesitation and skepticism on my part, they were able to answer all the questions I had for them and guide us on what the next steps were. The overall experience was very positive and professional. Thank you so much!

Fernanda A

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We Cancelled Our Timeshare Contract

We broke free from our contract when my husband was involved in a serious accident. We couldn’t travel and bills were piling up. We were looking for ways to save money.

We found RFA Cancellation online and decided to meet with them over the phone. Glad we did. They explained that we could legally cancel our timeshare and not hurt our credit. The dedication and expertise provided by this team was exceptional and they gave us the time we needed to “get back on our feet.”

Thank you RFA Cancellation! You really were our lifesaver. We highly recommend your service and love your team!

Jack & Paulina

Get Timeshare Cancellation Services Now!

Your reasons for timeshare cancellation are unique and highly personal. Whether you have struggled with availability or you are tired of the constantly rising maintenance fees, you have options. Maybe travel is not practical for you at this time, or your financial situation has changed. Whatever the reason, we can assist you today with canceling a timeshare contract.

To get out of a timeshare ownership, you need a team of experts in your corner. We have helped countless individuals and families accomplish their goals and we stand ready to help you now. Our unique processes have been designed to help ensure that you get the results you seek.

If you are ready to end your relationship with your timeshare – and be free of the associated mortgage and maintenance fees – contact us now. We look forward to helping you with any and all of your timeshare cancellation needs.