Are you tired of paying high maintenance fees for a timeshare in South Carolina that you rarely use? Are you feeling trapped in a never-ending contract with no way out? If so, you are not alone. Many people find themselves in similar situations and wonder how they can cancel their timeshare in South Carolina.

Timeshares may seem like a great investment at first, offering vacation accommodations for a specific period each year. However, as time goes on, many owners realize that the costs associated with owning a timeshare far outweigh the benefits. In this guide, we will discuss the steps to canceling your timeshare in South Carolina and provide tips on how to navigate this often complex process.

What is a Timeshare?

A timeshare is a property ownership model where multiple owners share the right to use a property for a specific period each year. This type of ownership typically applies to vacation properties, such as condos, apartments, or cabins.

Timeshares are usually sold as “fractional ownership,” meaning that each owner has a share in the property’s overall value. Each owner also receives an allotted amount of time per year to use the property for themselves or rent it out to others.

Owners are responsible for paying annual maintenance fees and other associated costs, such as property taxes and utilities. These fees can often increase over time and may become unaffordable for many owners.

While timeshares may seem like a great way to guarantee yearly vacations without the hassle of booking accommodations, they often come with hidden fees and complex contracts that can be challenging to cancel.

Can You Cancel Your Timeshare in South Carolina?

The short answer is yes, you can cancel your timeshare in South Carolina. However, the process may not be as straightforward as you hope.

Most timeshares have a “cooling-off” period, which allows buyers to cancel their purchase within a certain timeframe after signing the contract. In South Carolina, this cooling-off period is seven days from the date of purchase.

If you are past the cooling-off period, canceling your timeshare becomes more challenging. Many owners find themselves stuck in lengthy contracts with high fees and strict cancellation policies. Plus, timeshare companies often use aggressive tactics to discourage owners from canceling, such as offering reduced fees or free upgrades.

Steps to Cancel Your Timeshare in South Carolina

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Now you’ve decided to cancel your timeshare in South Carolina. What are the steps you need to take?

Review your contract

The first step to canceling your timeshare is to carefully review your contract. Look for any clauses or provisions that mention cancellation policies and fees.

Additionally, make note of any promises made by the salesperson during the sales presentation that are not reflected in the contract. These promises may be grounds for misrepresentation or fraud, which can strengthen your case for cancellation.

Determine Your Cancellation Rights

Each state has its own laws and regulations regarding timeshares. In South Carolina, there are specific laws that protect consumers from deceptive practices and provide rights to timeshare owners. Familiarize yourself with these laws to understand what options you have for canceling your timeshare.

You may also have additional rights if you purchased your timeshare through a developer who is a member of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). ARDA has a code of ethics that developers must adhere to, and if they do not, you may have grounds for cancellation.

Gather Evidence of Misrepresentation or Fraud

If you believe you were misled or lied to during the sales presentation, gather any evidence that supports your claim. This could include written statements from the salesperson, recorded conversations, or other documentation.

You can also reach out to other timeshare owners who have successfully canceled their contracts in similar situations and see what evidence they used. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be.

Send a Written Cancellation Letter

According to South Carolina law, you must send a written notice of cancellation to the timeshare company within seven days of signing the contract. This letter should clearly state your intention to cancel and include any evidence or reasons for your decision.

Be sure to send this letter via certified mail with a return receipt requested, so you have proof that it was received.

Follow Up with the Timeshare Company

After sending your cancellation letter, follow up with the timeshare company to ensure they received it and are processing your request. Keep copies of all communication between you and the company as evidence in case further action is needed.

If the company does not respond or denies your request, consider seeking legal assistance from a consumer protection attorney who has experience with timeshare cancellations. Plus, ARDA has a dispute resolution program that can help resolve issues with timeshare companies.

Seek legal assistance if necessary

Canceling a timeshare can be a complicated and frustrating process, especially if the timeshare company is uncooperative. If you are unable to cancel on your own, consider seeking legal assistance.

A consumer protection attorney can review your case and advise you on the best course of action. They can also help negotiate with the timeshare company or take legal action if necessary.

In some cases, it may be possible to get out of your timeshare contract by proving misrepresentation or fraud. This could result in a full refund of your purchase price and cancellation of all associated fees.

These are just a few steps and considerations for canceling a timeshare in South Carolina. It’s essential to do your research, understand your rights, and gather evidence before taking action. With determination and potentially legal assistance, you can successfully cancel your timeshare and avoid the burden of costly fees in the future.  So, make sure to carefully review all aspects of a timeshare before making any decisions or signing any contracts to avoid this complicated process altogether.

Why Cancelling a Timeshare in South Carolina Can Be Challenging

Unfortunately, many timeshare companies make it challenging for owners to cancel their contracts. They may use aggressive tactics or have strict policies that make it difficult to get out of the agreement.

Additionally, some owners may feel pressured into buying a timeshare during a high-pressure sales presentation. This can lead to feelings of regret and frustration when trying to cancel the contract.

Furthermore, timeshare companies often have complex contracts with hidden fees and strict cancellation policies buried in the fine print. This can make it hard for owners to understand their rights and options for cancellation.

Alternatives to Canceling Your Timeshare in South Carolina

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If you are unable to cancel your timeshare, there may be alternatives available to you. These includes:

Renting out the timeshare

Renting out your timeshare can help offset some of the costs and fees associated with ownership. However, it’s essential to thoroughly research and understand how this process works and any potential risks involved.

Selling the timeshare

Selling a timeshare can be challenging as there is often limited demand for them on the market. It may also come with additional fees or restrictions from the timeshare company.

Transferring ownership

Some companies allow owners to transfer their timeshares to someone else, such as family members or friends. This option may come with fees and require approval from the company.

It’s important to carefully consider all options before making a decision as they may still involve financial obligations and responsibilities. Seeking legal assistance can also be beneficial in navigating these alternatives.  Ultimately, it’s crucial to thoroughly research and understand all aspects of a timeshare before making a decision or signing a contract to avoid any potential challenges in the future.

How Much Does Timeshare Cancellation Cost?

The cost of timeshare cancellation can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your contract and situation. In some cases, it may be possible to cancel without any additional costs, especially if you have evidence of misrepresentation or fraud.

However, if legal assistance is needed, there will be fees associated with hiring a consumer protection attorney. The cost of these services can also vary based on the complexity of your case and the experience level of the attorney.

Additionally, there may be fees associated with transferring ownership or selling the timeshare as alternatives to cancellation. It’s essential to carefully consider all costs and potential outcomes before making a decision.

Plus, if you have already paid for your timeshare in full, it may be possible to get a refund of some or all of the purchase price if you are able to successfully cancel the contract.

In short, the cost of timeshare cancellation can vary and is dependent on multiple factors. It’s important to understand your rights and options before pursuing cancellation and potentially incurring additional fees.

What Are Timeshare Cancellation Companies?

Timeshare cancellation companies are businesses that claim to specialize in helping owners get out of their timeshare contracts. These companies often charge upfront fees and may promise quick and easy solutions.

However, it’s important to be cautious when considering using one of these companies. They may not have the legal expertise or experience necessary to successfully cancel your timeshare.

Furthermore, some timeshare cancellation companies may be fraudulent or operate illegally. It’s essential to thoroughly research any company before entering into a contract with them and verify their legitimacy.

In many cases, hiring a consumer protection attorney who has specific experience with timeshare cancellations can be a more reliable and effective option. Plus, attorneys are held to ethical and legal standards, providing you with more protection and assurance in the cancellation process.

Ultimately, it’s important to carefully consider all options and do thorough research before making a decision on how to proceed with canceling your timeshare. Seeking legal assistance and avoiding potentially fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies can help ensure a successful outcome.

Mistakes to Avoid When Canceling a Timeshare in South Carolina

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When attempting to cancel your timeshare in South Carolina, there are some common mistakes you should avoid. These include:

  1. Not doing enough research: It’s essential to thoroughly understand your rights and options before making any decisions or taking action. Rushing into a cancellation without proper research can lead to complications and potentially costly mistakes.
  2. Not keeping documentation: Be sure to keep all records related to your timeshare, including contracts, payment receipts, and any correspondence with the company. This documentation may be crucial in a cancellation case.
  3. Not seeking legal assistance: Timeshare cancellation can be complex, and having a consumer protection attorney on your side can greatly increase your chances of success.
  4. Ignoring communication from the timeshare company: It’s important to respond to any communication from the timeshare company promptly and professionally. Ignoring their attempts to contact you could lead to further issues.
  5. Falling for scams: Be wary of anyone promising quick and easy solutions or requesting upfront fees. Research any companies or individuals thoroughly before entering into a contract with them.

By avoiding these mistakes and being informed about the process, you can navigate timeshare cancellation in South Carolina more effectively and successfully. Ultimately, careful consideration and proper research are key to successfully canceling a timeshare.


Do I need a lawyer to cancel my timeshare?

While it is possible to cancel a timeshare without a lawyer, having legal assistance can greatly increase your chances of success. An experienced consumer protection attorney will have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of cancellation and protect your rights as a consumer.

How long does it take to cancel a timeshare?

The time it takes to cancel a timeshare can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your contract and situation. It could take anywhere from several months to over a year. Working with an attorney may help expedite the process.

Can I get a refund for my timeshare?

It is possible to receive a refund for your timeshare, especially if you have evidence of misrepresentation or fraud. However, refunds are not guaranteed and can be difficult to obtain. Consulting with a lawyer can help determine the likelihood of receiving a refund in your specific case.

Is it possible to cancel my timeshare after the rescission period has passed?

In some cases, yes. If you have evidence of misrepresentation or fraud, it may still be possible to cancel your timeshare even after the rescission period has passed. A timeshare cancellation company like RFA Cancellation can assist with navigating this process.


In conclusion, canceling a timeshare in South Carolina can be a complex and potentially costly process. It’s important to thoroughly research your rights and options before making any decisions. Seeking legal assistance and avoiding potential scams can greatly increase your chances of successfully canceling your timeshare.

Remember to keep documentation, respond promptly to communication from the timeshare company, and avoid common mistakes for a smoother cancellation process. Ultimately, taking the necessary precautions and seeking proper guidance can help alleviate the burden of a timeshare contract that no longer suits your needs or financial situation.

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